Wednesday, June 1, 2016

April 25, 2016: The Gift of Tongues

Things are looking up in Odate!

Last week as we were leavin the church, this man walks into the second floor of the church (where all the missionaries are) and starts to talk to us about an event that is going on close in the area.  Then the conversation switches to when the tsunami hit in 2011 and then he goes on to say that he had a lot of questions about God.  He then shared a story about an LDS man in Miyako that helped him.  Long story short he gave us his business card and we gave him a Book of Mormon!   Really solid pi and the better news is that he works really close by to the church and the apartment! 

This week I experienced the gift of tongues the strongest I ever have on my mission!  So here is the story.  The other day we were housing (as usual) but we were a little short on time. So we decided to split up and take either side of the street by ourselves so I took the right and Elder Sato took the left.  After a couple houses of nobody home suddenly a lady from Jerusalem appears!!  Then the next house I get to is the money maker!  This mom comes out and I start talking with her and I ask her the purpose of life and explain it briefly.  She starts to talk and normally I can understand when people are talking normal to kinda slow speed but this lady was just a little on the fast side.  The thing is I understood everything!  She says that she is Buddhist but she believes in it because in her words (shinjou dekinai). Basically is that Buddhism is the only religion she can believe in because she can't do faith.  We talk some more and I can tell she was feeling the spirit and so was I! She took a pamphlet and said she will listen and made an appointment!  I want to share a quote from President Smith that I think applies and what I have been trying to do.  "Obedience is the first law of heavenTo the degree we are obedient, the heavens will poor out its miracles.  We don't wait for the miracle or blessing to come before we are obedient.  We are obedient from the start with faith, hope, and trust that the blessings will come according to the Lords time!"  We are praying for miracles in Odate!

Yesterday we watched a fireside of the Sapporo temple from the chapel in Odate.  Crazy enough we had a FHE lesson on temples this past week!  It makes my so excited to finally be able to go back when I have the chance!  And with that the biggest temple in the Asia area is now finally complete and it makes it so much easier for the members I am serving right now to go to the temple.  Because the next closest one was in Tokyo which is very far and very expensive.  I am seriously so glad that the temple is done and the open houses are starting.  The temple will start running in August!!  It's beautiful!  

 That is all, everyone have a good week!!  Love you all!



Elder Halverson 


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