Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017: It's all in the timing!

Hello everyone!  How are you all doing?  Sorry I didn't write last week and today is going to also be short because we are going to go and play around in Iwaki.  Today we saw a lighthouse with a member and in a little while we are going to a foot onsen in a nearby town!!
Today is going to be short probably... sorry mom!!

This week I had assistant splits and was with Elder Murai. He is from Okinawa (Japan America).  It was a very fun split, luckily that day wasn't a busy day for the assistants and we got to go finding for a good chunk of the day.  We found some great people and had some great success sharing the gospel.  Sucks you can only go on splits with them once a transfer.  The next day we had MLC and it was all about the Book of Mormon!  I've been on a Book of Mormon feast recently.  Whenever I go out and dendou, I always have it in my hand and it's must easier to find people interested when I use it!!

Everyone just read the Book of Mormon!  If you want to know, go to the source!

Love you all!

Elder Halverson



April 18, 2017

Too busy

April 10, 2017: Aloha!

Ok everyone we got transfer calls yesterday and my beloved Elder Price is going to the far away land of Morioka.  I'm sad to lose him because he has been a great comp and even better person.  I've really been able to see things from another view point with him.  My new companion is Elder Fonoimoana from Hawaii!  We are the same age as far as transfers go.  We lived in the same apartment in the MTC and were in the same district and everything.  We know each of their pretty well ;) and we have the same trainer so that makes us step brothers!  So being in Tohokus Hawaii with a Hawaiian 🌺 really tops off the perfectness.  

This week we had a lot of walking.  Why is because one of the peddles on my bike broke and we are waiting for a new one.  The inside of the hole where the screw goes got completely sanded down to the point were it is smooth.  So we had a lot of walking.  Going really far distances takes all of our time.  So by the end of the week we were getting skunked.  Then Sunday night rolls around and we are shooting for the standard by finding two new investigators.  Well we found one and he said he had incredible interest and he wants to meet us at the church next Sunday for a lesson!  Small miracles is were the joy is.  And that capped of the conference weekend!

We are still in contact with Miyuu san and have a lesson today at 2:30 so we will see how that goes!  

Conference was great just as everyone said it was, I just had to wait to see haha.  Two of my favorite were Elder Choi and Elder Stevenson.  A little backstory,  Elder Choi is in my area presidency and Elder Stevenson lived with my mission president, President Smith, when they were both missionaries.  Both of them visited this mission last year!  Elder Chois talk was about the same as what he told us when he came!  Don't look around!  "LOOK UP OPEN YOUTH MOUTH AND DRINK IT,  THEN LOOK TO THE PEOPLE AND OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" And his classic "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, LIKE IT!"  He was very inspirational for me and other missionaries because of that "personal" connection, his talk really chimed like a bell for me.  

Lastly, I felt deep gratitude from watching elder Coasta's address.  I love hearing converts conversion stories, especially his.  He showed so much love for the missionaries that taught and baptized him it was touching.  I know Elder Coasta is saying in his mind "thank you for loving me enough to carry the message of the Lord to me!" "Thank you for LOVING me enough!" This is the work of the lord and if it doesn't happen in this life then I am convinced that we will be told those words by one or more people in the next life.  Jesus and God live and they love all of us!  

Have a great week!

Elder Halverson 



April 3, 2017: SUPERMAN!!

Well for those you that don't know, here in japan we watch general conference a week after you so I'm sure it was great and all, but please don't spoil anything cause I am going to be watching it on my little iPad screen with the other missionaries next week.  It takes a week for all the translations to be done and put it up on the church website.    

Well other than that this week was really busy, as usual.  Monday and Tuesday we went to Sendai for a great zone conference!  It was the most spiritual conference I've ever attended.  Our training focus was on the love of the people and working with our heart and mind (spirit).   We all know love is the most powerful force in the universe, however we have to fight to not lose that because we live in a numbers drive world and it's all about getting more.  But I've found in my mission when you look past the numbers and know the face, name, job, etc the success comes and with that, the baptisms!  The key is love and with love comes the change.  In work like this we can't do it without it!  

Other than that my bike broke 3 times this week.. it's all good I'm getting a new one soon!  

Taught the less actives member who believes that Jesus is a dragonfly and same with the spirit but they are different dragon flies.  赤とんぼ = akatonbo.   
Miyuu san has been really busy, she is trying to sell her artwork and be like an entrepreneur.  She's a マンガ家 she draws Japanese style comics and apparently she is still reading and praying.  We are sending scriptures and thoughts over email!  It's great!  
Also went for the first time to Koriyama for church!  It was strange to say the least.  That place just needs missionaries there all the time!!!  

Love you all I am so thankful to have this opportunity to be in Japan and share the gospel in Japanese!  It's a beautiful language!  I know that love is powerful and because of love Jesus Christ volunteered to come to the earth to atone for our sins and make it possible to return back to the presence of our Father once again!  The book is true and the church is true!  Love you all have a good week!

Elder Halverson