Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017: It's all in the timing!

Hello everyone!  How are you all doing?  Sorry I didn't write last week and today is going to also be short because we are going to go and play around in Iwaki.  Today we saw a lighthouse with a member and in a little while we are going to a foot onsen in a nearby town!!
Today is going to be short probably... sorry mom!!

This week I had assistant splits and was with Elder Murai. He is from Okinawa (Japan America).  It was a very fun split, luckily that day wasn't a busy day for the assistants and we got to go finding for a good chunk of the day.  We found some great people and had some great success sharing the gospel.  Sucks you can only go on splits with them once a transfer.  The next day we had MLC and it was all about the Book of Mormon!  I've been on a Book of Mormon feast recently.  Whenever I go out and dendou, I always have it in my hand and it's must easier to find people interested when I use it!!

Everyone just read the Book of Mormon!  If you want to know, go to the source!

Love you all!

Elder Halverson



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