Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Car Rides!!!

Hello everyone!  How are ya?  Sorry I forgot my journals again so I'm going to rely on memory for this email... again.  Well this week we had another zone conference and Elder Fonoimoana and I had a good training.

I felt like it went good and it was fun!  The theme was the Book of Mormon and it was one of President Smith's last ones so for the most part it was President Smith's time.  I learned a lot but more important than that was how I felt.  The spirt was strong and I felt very good when I left the conference.  It's a very often used cliche but it's true.  It's what happens when the spirit touches you!  Also got to see a few old comps the day before which is always great.


Yesterday Elder Fonoimoana and I were going to go house a few places but then decided to go streeting at the station instead.  It was great cause we were lead to 3 kids who exchanged contacts with us.  They are all now potential investigators!!  They weren't the only ones. We were out finding inactives in the area. We decide to visit members Sister and Brother Akiyama with the Pounds and it turns out that she is a return missionary but even though her husband is a member won't let them come to church.  But it doesn't stop there cause Elder Pound, the senior missionary who gave us a ride there, served in the mission 40 years ago when this sister was baptized and he knows the elder that baptized Sister Akiyama.  They were sharing experience after experience and you could see this sister getting happier and happier as she was remembering her baptism and the missionaries.  We left a small message after it was all done and are praying that her husband will let her go to church!

 I gotta go but I testify that the atonement is a real thing that anybody can access.  It is a gift given to all man kind from a man who came to do the will of the father .  Love you all have. Have a good week.


Elder Halverson



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