Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017: Iwaki: 🔥🔥its hot!

Hello everyone is going great here in Iwaki!  Elder Dance and I are having a great time and seeing some miracles.

By Wednesday I had seen a guy yell at somebody at the station while urinating on a bench.  A woman told us to "pop off" (go back to America) and tried to chase down Elder Dance and I before we got in the elevator.  Finally another woman was trying to lure Elder Dance and I to her Barr.  She wouldn't leave us alone even though we rejected the offer haha after that I was ready for anything to happen for the rest of the week.


The other day while waiting for a train to come, we went to visit a recent convert, we stared to talk to this kid sitting next to us.  This causal conversation turned into a talk about why we are here.  And while we are riding the train down to Izumi machi we go over the plan of salvation and share scriptures from the Book of Mormon.  We talked him for a good 2 hours and began to be good friends.  We are going to meet him again on Friday!


Last week,  we found a kid named Hakozaki Kin and he has had the boom for a week and has already read 440/744 pages of it.  Crazy right??

Every time we meet him we talk about his favorite scriptures and places that he marked on his own.  He has a bap date for the first of June.  It's kinda ironic cause that day President Smith goes home and the change over happens.  We have another meeting with him tonight!! Turn up!!  Elder Dance and I are PRPing.  Planting Reaping and Parting!


I bear my testimony to all you reading the email that this work is the Lord's work and we are not alone.  I can't tell you how much of a blessing senior couples are, we are so grateful for them!  This is fun!  This is rewarding!  This joy can be brought by more than missionary work!  I encourage you to pray and if you find that it is the right thing, serve a couples mission!! Please, I promise it will be worth it!!  Love you all and God lives!


Elder Halverson



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