Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016: Yay another holiday i totally forgot about!!

To be honest, I didn't remember that in America this week was Thanksgiving until I got an email from mom.  However, happy belated Thanksgiving!!  Hope everyone ate a lot, watched a football game and had a good time.
This week was awesome!  I think I will start off with what is on everyone's mind.  On Tuesday we had an earthquake at about 6 am.  It was off the shores of Fukushima which is in the mission boundaries.  It was around 6.8 or 7 on the Richter scale.  There is a Japan wide alarm system for earthquakes and natural disasters that sends an alarm to every mobile phone in the affected area.  I woke up to that alarm and felt all that shaking which lasted about 15-20 seconds.  At that moment I realized that I had forgotten all about earthquake safety.  During the shaking I stayed in my bed  and just waited it out.  Ha-ha (sorry mom you are going to read this and cringe lol) Lucky there was no damage to our apartment and nothing much in the area.  However, I do remember thinking at that time that all would be ok and there was no need to run or take cover because the spirit was whispering to me that all would be ok.  I want to talk a little more about the spirit and impressions we receive later.

A couple funny things this week.

-While housing I was talking to this guy though the interphone and I asked him a question and he says "sorry there is nobody home" even though I had a conversation with him for about 30 seconds.

-IT IS COLD, been about 0 degrees all week all day.  Thanks for mom coming up clutch and sending me this jacket that could be worn in -25 weather. My upper body has been nice and warm but my legs have been suffering a little bit.

Going back to the spirit.  Since this week the Sendai mission had another big earthquake, the wife of one of the councilors in the mission told this story yesterday at a fireside.  This takes place on March 11, 2011.  She was coming home after the earthquake hit the Sendai area because she wanted to see how badly her house was damaged.  On the way home the spirit told her to turn around immediately and go the other direction.  She looked to her right and saw the tsunami coming in to shore.  She described it as "a huge, pitch black wall of water" and "bigger than most buildings".  She escaped as well as her family but they lost their home.

I don't know why things like earthquakes or natural disasters happen.  I don't know the meaning of all things, but what I do know is that God lives and loves his children.  I love the Japanese people, they have been so kind and accepting of me.  Our Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ live.   I testify that the whisperings of the spirit are real.  Don't give up keep trying!

Love you all have a good week!!

1 Nephi 11: 16-17

Elder Halverson



Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016: Look through heavens eyes

This week has been another one for the books.  All week the unexpected happened.  For example, a split that was supposed to happen but didn’t, my bike breaking twice, and a lot of other things that I recorded in my journal.  


This week I’ve had fun teaching although teaching opportunities have been scarce.  However, we taught a bunch of seven, five, and three year olds about God and taught an investigator about God and the book of mormon.  Lastly, we taught another investigator about the Book of Mormon but this time we taught directly from the B of M stories book (the one that is for children, thanks Mom).  I gave it to him cause the actually book is too hard for him and his children to understand.  This made all the difference to them and I was grateful I had the book to share.  Anyway, he is a funny guy and fun to teach.  Always has something to say that is random.    


Another highlight this week was that I was blessed with the chance to have an interview with the man, President Smith.  He is incredible, I look up to him so much and in so many ways.  He gave me some great counsel on how to press on and encouraged me to always try to bring the spirit into my life which can be done by being a Christ-like example for others so they can see and feel the Holy Ghost presence.  kaicho is honestly the best.


Saturday and Sunday were all about stake conference.  The Sendai stake has a goal to have a temple built in the next 10 years.  We are going to need a miracle but I definitely can see it happening if the members and the missionaries work together a little more.  


Had a lot of eye opening experiences this week and I'd like to share one of those.  When I was waiting for the interviews to be over, I was talking to kuroda shimai and she told me that a lady Elder Kudo and I met while housing a couple months ago in Miyako is now an investigator of the sisters in Morioka. The cool thing is that she remembers that time we meet her and received something from us.  It made an impression on her and she looked until she found the sister’s in Morioka.  I testify that God really does guide everyone to the prepared or the prepared to the missionaries.  His ways are higher than our ways, we may not understand it all the time but he is always looking over us and has a plan for all.  I am grateful for this knowledge and I know the church is true.


Love you all

Elder Halverson 



Monday, November 14, 2016

October 31, 2016: We got a head wind of about 100MPH

To explain the heading, all this week we have had tons of wind.  One day while going to visit less actives and investigators, the comp and I were biking straight into a huge head wind and it felt as if I was on a stationary bike, pedaling as hard as I could, and going almost literally nowhere.  HaHa.  But the way back was way fun and fast 💨.


We were finally able to get in contact with our recent convert who has gone a little awol.    We call him up, make an appointment and meet at our small church.  This man is great, reads the Book of Mormon, Old and New Testament, and prays every day but just still has a few issues that need to be overcome, then he can return to the fold and become an active member again.   Lastly he talks really fast and uses words that normal Japanese people don't so it was very hard to understand him.  But I have a great native companion to help out.


This week there was a lot to do but at the same time there wasn't.  We were blessed this week to find a family with some interest.   They were willing to let us come back, so we just need to find their true needs and help them.  It is our goal bring a family to the Furukawa branch.


The branch is a small one with really strong members.  Same as with other members in Japan.  They are some of the strongest and faithful people I have ever met.  The branch is about 15-24 people depending on the week.  We have some returned missionaries that are now fathers and mothers that are amazing to work with and keep the work moving forward.  Every one is really nice.


This week we have been treated a lot better by everyone.  Far better than last week which I couldn't be more grateful.  Haha so that is a good point for the week!  I know that we are all brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father.  I know that God lives and he loves His children all over the world. I love being in Japan and I love the Japanese people.  I also love all of you.  Have a good week



Halverson Choro


November 12, 2016: No Time