Monday, November 14, 2016

October 31, 2016: We got a head wind of about 100MPH

To explain the heading, all this week we have had tons of wind.  One day while going to visit less actives and investigators, the comp and I were biking straight into a huge head wind and it felt as if I was on a stationary bike, pedaling as hard as I could, and going almost literally nowhere.  HaHa.  But the way back was way fun and fast πŸ’¨.


We were finally able to get in contact with our recent convert who has gone a little awol.    We call him up, make an appointment and meet at our small church.  This man is great, reads the Book of Mormon, Old and New Testament, and prays every day but just still has a few issues that need to be overcome, then he can return to the fold and become an active member again.   Lastly he talks really fast and uses words that normal Japanese people don't so it was very hard to understand him.  But I have a great native companion to help out.


This week there was a lot to do but at the same time there wasn't.  We were blessed this week to find a family with some interest.   They were willing to let us come back, so we just need to find their true needs and help them.  It is our goal bring a family to the Furukawa branch.


The branch is a small one with really strong members.  Same as with other members in Japan.  They are some of the strongest and faithful people I have ever met.  The branch is about 15-24 people depending on the week.  We have some returned missionaries that are now fathers and mothers that are amazing to work with and keep the work moving forward.  Every one is really nice.


This week we have been treated a lot better by everyone.  Far better than last week which I couldn't be more grateful.  Haha so that is a good point for the week!  I know that we are all brothers and sisters of a loving Heavenly Father.  I know that God lives and he loves His children all over the world. I love being in Japan and I love the Japanese people.  I also love all of you.  Have a good week



Halverson Choro


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