Monday, June 26, 2017

June 5, 2017: Too Busy

To start things off this week we got a lot of help from the senior couple, the Pounds!  Not only this week but really ever since they have been here.  So since it was Fast Sunday and all, we decided to host the Pounds for dinner at the apartment.  Elder Dance cooked the best thing that he could make in a hour and the result was goulash!  Cooked a big pot of it and had a good dinner within an hour!  It was lit haha.  The original plan was to go over to their house and eat but some things came up where the Branch President needed a blessing and just flipped the appointment and we had it at our house.
Good time!
Again we were busy.  Tuesday Elder Dance and I left Iwaki to participate in MLC in Sendai.  The meeting was focused around the change of the missions and the focus of our work.  The rising generation is the key to longevity in not only the church but in Japan.  We are really doing all we can to help the youth by teaching about Jesus, English, encouraging strong values, and etc.
And our investigator Hakozaki san came to church yesterday!  He loved it!  Finally broke the streak of no one at church.  On his way for baptism on the first of July!
Tuesday was MLC all day, then we took the bus to Aizu and participated in English class where we meet a guy who was taught by the missionaries (Norm Chow's son) when he was 15 years old.  He is now 38 years old and just moved back from America where he lived the last 28 years.  He played college tennis and become fluent in English.  Now he is back in Japan and wants to bring his family to church!  He is way sick haha He gave me a business card for Norm's son who is a NFL agent and who works for the company that reps Tom Brady!  Way legit right??!?  Any way we gave him to the Aizu elders and they now have an investigator!
 Well, those are the highlights for the week.  I've been reading the Book of Mormon everyday as usual.  The book has power to make you feel better.  I look forward to reading each morning because it gives me the power to take on the day and be a better person!  I know it is true and that it brings happiness!  Read and pray about it!!  Love you all from California Utah Iowa Idaho and Washington and everyone in between!
Have a good one!
 Elder Halverson

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