Monday, June 26, 2017

June 19, 2017: Kamisugi: Bright lights, Big City

hello everyone!  It's been a great 4 days in Sendai.  There is so many people here it is almost over whelming.  Most of all my mission I have been in the booneys so coming here to this city with over 1 million people is a bit of a change.  However, the ward is great and the dendo is going great. 

yesterday it was my first Sunday in the ward so they like to bring the new missionaries into priesthood meeting in front of everyone and have a question and answer session.  I do get asked questions like "what is your favorite food", "how tall are you", "how big are your feet", etc.   The funniest one was when I was asked how old my dad was.  When I answered the stake patriarch pointed to the oldest priesthood member (seza kaichou, who is president smiths adviser) and asked if he looks like him. idk how to answer so I just said probably, but I don't know cause I haven't seen him in almost 2 years and I have started to just kidding dad, love ya! haha Everyone thought it was very entertaining haha The stake patriarch was the one making the most noise and off the wall comments haha  it was way lit!  (had to back to high school for that phrase)  The common thing said about the kamisugi ward is that they will treat you well if you treat them well.   I defiantly felt that yesterday.  On top of that, they is a ton of ysa in the ward and there is about 5 RMs from Kobe and 2 from Tokyo and Nagoya.  So fun!!

Well recently my work load has increased and as a consequence, my time is starting to dwindle down down and down.  I didn't have a good opportunity to write in my journal this week.  Also, I forgot it again at the apartment.  Sorry mom!  The last couple of days in Iwaki was good.  I'm glad I got to stay till Thursday.  At English class I was able to say the last bye before I packed up and went to Sendai on a 3 hour bus.  So next year when we come back, an English student said I could come and stay at his house.  Ill tell ya, the Japanese people are so nice it blows me away!  Iwaki is probably on the list for places to return to next year. 

I find joy in the simple things; whether it's having a fun conversation with someone on the street or teaching an investigator and seeing them understand a concept by using an example or just having a good time with everyone in the apartment.  Those things are good and simple.  A quote from Larry H. Miller, "Continue to do good things in the world until you can no longer do any good". 
Romans 12:21
Alright you all have a good week and see ya next week!


Halverson Chourou


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