Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18, 2016 Windy Night

The wind blew so hard last night, it was actually moving the apartment building.  I looked out the window and you could see crap blowing all around the city.  I wasn't feeling great, so I skipped the video I know you would have wanted mom.  Maybe next time.

So our investigator named "Itou San" smokes regularly and sometimes during our lessons with him.  The first time I had a lesson with him he smoked the entire time and his jar of ashes and cigarette butts was filled to the brim!  He loves to talk about random things on top of that, but this last time there was a change.  He only smoked once and even then he put it out almost  immediately.  When I saw his jar there was little to no cigarette butts in the jar!! Yes he still did talk about his dog and other things but he is progressing little by little.  It's great to see the little progress he is making while we are not at his house!  Just a little bit at a time he is coming around!

 Also a funny story of the investigator we found last week. You remember that we talked to him on the road and broke the ice talking about his dog.  We gave him a BOM and he tells us his address (literally just points at his house). We go to follow up and I start to talk to him and he starts to laugh and says (cmon I haven't read it all yet please give me some time!).   Really funny, just a little stop by and we gave him some chocolate and in return he gives us this huge sack of groceries.  It was great and we felt bad about having to throw out the coffee.  We would have given
it back to him if we would have looked sooner. Haha.  We will teach him about the word of wisdom no worries!

The other day we had zone conference in Aomori!!  President Smith is a genius.  It's crazy how it seems like he knows the scriptures like the back of his hand!  I want to be like that someday.  But the theme was "light".  He talked about being a light to the people of Tohoku (Sendai mission area).  I want to be a light to these people and be truly changed by this experience.  The mission.  Becoming more like Christ, more like our Heavenly Father.  I pray to be able to listen to the spirit more and represent the light of the gospel, the beacon of hope and be charitable to the people of Tohoku japan!  We can all do it, it's simple!  Obedience to the commandments, STUDYING the scriptures, and doing what we are told by the Lord and His Prophets and Apostles!!

 Same number attending church, hoping to get more attending.  No worries, we are working hard. 

Heard through the grapevine about the earthquakes, pray for them.

 Love you all and have a great week!!



Elder Halverson


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