Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 11, 2016 - We got a referral that lives 22 kilometers away!

This week there was a lot of miracles in disguise.  This week we received a referral from the church head quarters!  It was crazy Elder Sato and I couldn't believe it.  He wanted English missionary pamphlets which we think is the lessons in English.  We are not completely sure however.  Another problem is that when we received it, it was late at night and the next three days were completely filled with meeting and gen conf.  And the other thing is he lives 22 kilometers away and the address isn't completely correct.  We are supposed to contact as soon as we can.  It was making things really hard to plan, then Domon Kaichou said that he would give us a ride to the place after church next Sunday.  So what seemed to be an almost impossible way to contact turned into a incredible blessing.  We are getting a ride, building our relationship with Domon Kaichou, he goes with us to visit, and can have the possibility to pick up a new investigator.  Win Win  The miracles and blessing are here, we just have to do some looking and looking undercover to find them.  So next Sunday we are going out there!  Into the boonies!     Funny thing is when we were talking about the referral, the branch president said, "it can't be that far!" We pull it up on the map and show him, he goes... "Hmm ok that freaking far".

Haha had a good laugh.

 This week was also great we were able to meet with our two investigators.  Both good lessons.  I am not so sure on their interest and we are still deciding whether or not to drop them too.  But again we are working as hard as we can to help them and trying to figure out what they need.  We also found a really strong pi!  Just by talking about what kind of dog he was walking.  I gave him a Book of Mormon and instead of having to ask if we could meet again to talk about it.  He pointed at his house and told us his address!  Also this man is from Israel and came in contact with us.  Apparently he sees me walking around Odate a lot and wanted to talk. (I guess because I am a big white guy or something)  He had a lot of questions and seemed like he wanted to learn more.  Another investigator stopped me when we were coming back from ZTM, this guy also knows the less actives wife who speaks Spanish.  Small world! I believe the Rock is falling here and we are going to uncover more and more miracles!

 On Monday after emailing we went to the Akita Dog museum.  First it was 200 yen and it was kinda a buzzkill, but what can you really expect for 200 yen.  It was kinda cool actually, just one floor of dogs from the area and history in pictures.  Probably a good thing cause kanji is a challenge.  But still pretty fun and I got a nap on p-day!

 On Sunday we went to one of my favorite places in the mission!  青森! There we had ZTM where I learned a lot about how to help people endure to the end and really understand the power of repentance and the atonement.

But here is the cool part.  Everyone always says be yourself and you will find success in the work.  And in a prior email I wrote that when I was comps with taneda chourou I was trying to find my self and fasted for it.  Because I really wanted to see success here in odate.  I was talking with a good friend in the zone Price Chourou.   We started talking and he told me about how he has found happiness in being himself.  I asked how he did it.  He said that he doesn't try to be someone else.  He just is himself, he talks how he would in English,  he just doesn't try and become something that he is not.  He said "failing sucks but when you are trying to become something that you aren't then when you fail it brings more unhappiness because you are you and you can be someone else, and it will always bring unhappiness.   And it's true.  Just be yourself!  If you don't understand yourself ask your father in heaven, he understands  you!  It will take time (maybe) for the answer to come but it will!
Also I want to end with gen conference.  I got to watch it in English on my iPad in the branch presidents office.  It was a wonderful opportunity to hear the Lords words.  I could talk a lot about general conference but there is one thing that I really learned from it, we all learn differently from general conference.  I could write for days about what I wrote cause I wrote a lot!  But I invite you all to reread or watch your favorite talks.  My suggestion is the final one by Elder Holland! It's great!
Love you all
Elder Halverson


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