Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016 大館 五転勤 二 週

The first two days of the week I was in Hirosaki with Elder Barton while we waited for our comps to arrive. They were coming from the bottom of the mission to the top. We had a really good day in 弘前. We saw a lot of people which was a "long time no see" type of experience.  At around 6 we went over to the train station and waited for our new comps!  We had about 45 minutes so we decided to get all of the pass along cards we had and just give them to everyone that would take them.  Just 30 quick minutes of passing around eikaiwa, BOM, and pass along cards.  Was really fun actually.

Wednesday was the first full day with Elder Sato in 大館!  Had a FHE lesson about blessings.  We shared an article from the 2016 April Liahona.  It's a real good one I would advise you all to read it!  Called "Measuring blessing in Madagascar!"  So the member we shared the message with has the strongest Japanese accent!  My comp who is fluent in both English and Japanese said that he could understand about 40% of what he said.  I believe that's the miracle that I needed to hear!  One day you think you have the language down and then you meet someone that speaks the "Old Man Japanese". (that's what they call it) and you wonder what you were thinking. 

Also today I decided to focus on God's hand in our daily life!  Today was a good one.  This week starts the new month, that means that we need a baptism goal for the month.  We decided to fast for the goal.  At the beginning I was fasting for two things and by the end of the day, before I was to break the fast, I realized I couldn't remember the other thing.  Only the one goal came to my mind and I believe it was the answer to my prayer. I need to just focus on the work and others.  Everything will fall into place in its time.  Maybe God is telling me to let go of my personal worries and desires.

April Fool's Day!!

The name of the day is exactly how the day went!  Weekly planning and then with the rest of the day we had 1 lesson and only q searching.  Long story short, we were fooled at every turn.  The iPad map was leading us astray all day and the investigator didn't show up to the lesson.  Human mistakes on top of that made it a learning experience, definitely!

Ok people repentance. What do you think about the word "repentance".  Here in Japan there are cars that drive around and say "Kuiaretamenasai" (Repent!!!!!). It's really strong, powerful word in Japanese.  But it's not what everyone thinks!!  It's a blessing for us so that we can be better people!!  Being a young missionary, I've made my share of mistakes with language and investigators, and feeling some guilt from it.  Wishing that I could have said something a little better or opened my mouth sooner.  As I was reading recently, I felt I needed to just get on my knees and asked Heavenly Father to forgive my selfishness and mistakes.  After that, the day was a great one.  We were able to hand out Books of Mormon and some pamphlets.  Repentance is a great thing, it is a part of the plan of salvation (plan of happiness) therefore a good thing!  Oh btw Elder Sato and I posted a BOM!  Haha the lady through the kekko box told us to and it fit and we gave a BOM through the door slot! Haha good day!

We worked hard, hard, hard this week and we got the Standard!!!

Love you all and have a good week!


Please remember that God loves you!

Elder Halverson



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