Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2, 2016 Namida Susi Roll....beware

After the Hirosaki Festival we got home and changed as fast as we could and went out housing as usual and we found this really great guy!  Apparently he had been taught about Mormonism in college. (Which is incredibly rare) but he had been taught all the crazy weird things.  For example he said with surety that Mormons don't believe in taking medicine for some reason.  He wants to learn from the missionaries and he set up an appointment for us!  Haha we didn't even ask.   Seeing miracles!

At ZTM and after, I've been pondering about the lessons taught during the week.  Specifically I realized the importance of making eye contact when talking with people.  We did a role play of committing somebody to be baptized at ZTM and I noticed the power the one missionary had that made eye contact verses the other who didn't.  Really the eyes are the gateways to the soul and though the eyes you can really see the presence of the Holy Ghost.  I can see that people are really meaning what they saying threw their eyes.   It shows that you are serious about something.  Lastly when eye contact is added with a smile and with the presence of the Holy Ghost, wonders are accomplished!

Sorry this is from my spiritual revelation journal. 

An eikaiwa student took us out to eat at a local authentic sushi place.  They had this sushi called the "namida" which means tear and when I ate it I cried.  It was like fire consumed my entire head.  It was crazy hot!

Sorry forgot my journal but this is how the investigators are doing!

The two newest are both really good.  The one with the Book of Mormon is reading it at a really fast speed and has lots of questions and we committed him to baptism and he said that with his personal choices, he would say no for now but we still have a next appointment so it's all good.  The dog investigator is good and we had a really good lesson with him.  It was on a split so it was two Americans teaching him.  He understood the true power of repentance and the freedom that we can receive from it.  It's kinda confusing because I don't really know if he is all there cause he always talks about the same things but when the lesson comes, he has really good insights.  I really have no idea it's hard to figure out but he is a great guy and we enjoy teaching and talking with him.  ITs been a really good week as far as investigators are concerned.

Ok so on the split, me and Elder Barton witnessed a miracle together.  We had some extra time before a lesson with an investigator.  We went housing around the area and we found a man that had meet the missionary's before and matter of fact has an old missionaries meishi.  Kobayashi chourou to be exact, I am not sure how far back he was but we asked domon and we couldn't come to a conclusion.  We knocked on his door and he opened almost immediately and he knew who we were.  He had lots of questions and he talked very fast.  Elder Barton and I both agreed that we believe we received the gift of tongues at that time because really before we knew it we were teaching the last 2 principles of the first lesson.  By this time he still had lots of questions about why there was so many churches in Odate especially Christian churches.  We ran out of time and had to take off to the other lesson!  But it was great cause we made an appointment and handed a Book of Mormon and a lesson one pamphlet!  I am excited for him, we have a lesson today with him! 

All in all it was an exhausting and good week.  We are hoping that one of the people that we invite to church ends up coming because that is how a member that is here was found!

It's transfers next week so don't plan on the mother's day skype.  Sorry Mom!

Love you all and have a good day!

Elder Halverson



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