Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 - A WIN IS A WIN!

This week was interesting!  I want to start of with a story from Tuesday!  We talked to nearly everyone in Miyako on Tuesday!  We got rejected all but once!  Sometime in the day we made room for a lesson with an investigator and we get to his house, knock on the door and he comes flying out.  He gets outside and starts to take off his shirt in front of us.  Only the shirt gladly but we continue on talking to him because him taking of his shirt is actually quite normal.  We have a really good lesson on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost!! It was awesome!  He is improving greatly!  During the lesson he only took of his shirt one more time! 

Wednesday was even more interesting!  I arm wrestled a high school kid and found a new q! I lost in the arm wrestle but after being humbled by losing to a high school kid, we found a new q 2 minutes later!  We start talking to him and he says he has read the bible and we pull out the Book of Mormon.  He takes it and looks at it and says "Wow this is different, but this is way cool!"  He hands it back to me and I give it right back like from the movie Best 2 Years!  He says "I have a lot of interest!"  すごく興味があると言いました, swapped numbers and he accepted a time to meet again!

Thursday had a split with Elder Smith and found 3 new Q'S that day!  That includes a guy who was asleep on the bench.  Kinda woke him up and became a new q!  It was a eventful day!  We taught 6 lessons in that day which is very rare!  Right at the end of the day we were asked to help out with a charity concert and this guy that performed did a little more shouting than singing!  It was just weird but some of the songs had a good beat.  So all in all it was good!

Yesterday was the 10 month mark!  It crazy.. Going to fast!  Every Sunday we have an investigator that comes to church but we can never have a lesson with her cause she is always busy!  But this time right as sacrament was over she had time and we got a room really quick!  I was kinda nervous about the lesson beforehand because we weren't really prepared.  But we go in there hoping for the best!  As the lesson goes on, the nerves go away and all the sudden a nonmember walks in the room and just sits down.  We tell him we are in the middle of a lesson and he ignores us!  We continue on and it was good, we taught the entire first lesson and finally we commit her to be baptized and she replies without hesitation "Yes!"

Then all the sudden the nonmember who just came into the lesson chimes in and says in English "I can convince a million people of something."  Totally trying to stop her but she says that it doesn't matter cause she is happy and wants to be baptized.  That's why I titled the email, A WIN IS A WIN!  Another cool thing is when she said the final prayer, my eyes were shut (obviously), but I could sense the room getting brighter and brighter as she went on!  She was so happy and we set up another lesson for Thursday!  We are hopeful that she will get baptized on the 16 of July!  This week was awesome!

Finally I want to say something, I am a messenger of Christ!  I don't convince people by the words I say, but through the things that people feel inside their hearts when I am telling them truths.  Prayer is communication with God and anybody can pray and nobody is unworthy to pray.  God is our loving Heavenly Gather and we are his children, he is waiting to hear from each of us! 

Love you all and have a good week!




Elder Halverson



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