Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 23, 2016: Nature🌿 Miyako is small but big!!

This week was fantastic.  We set a baptism date with an investigator who believes in all of the teaching just needs to overcome some problems - some habits are hard to break.  He is a past investigator but he is on his way.  This week at DTM we created a Miyako standard.  We are all together on changing the culture and helping Miyako become a very fruitful area. Simply we have been working our tails off!  Elder Daniels and I have found 2 new Q's, one new bap date and accomplished the Alma!  I've been so tired that when I finish my nightly prayers I am out cold! 

But this week I have studied a lot about God and just basically tried to dive into the scriptures. I love the scripture Alma 24:10-11

10 And I also thank my God, yea, my great God, that he hath granted  unto us that we might repent of these things, and also that he hath  forgiven us of those our many sins and murders which we have committed, and taken away the guilt from our hearts, through the  merits of his Son.

11 And now behold, my brethren, since it has been all that we could do to repent of all our sins and the many murders which we have committed, and to get God to take them away from our hearts, for it was all we could do to repent sufficiently before God that he would take away our stain. 

Every day I tell people that God has given us everything.  Sometimes and sadly we forget what He has given us but the scriptures wrap it all up nicely.  Eternal life, forgiveness, repentance, power, His only begotten son, just to name a few! 

Yet again it's been a good week!

So Tuesday is where I will start.  We met with an investigator who has been one and off for a long time but hasn't meet with the missionaries for some time.  We sit down with him and start to review the first lesson with him and he says, "I have heard this many times already".  Then I asked him, "Well, do you believe it??"  He says yes then I start the questioning him,  asking him if he believes in God, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith?  Yes Yes Yes he answers.  Finally I ask him, "Well will you be baptized?"  He pauses and says that he will think it over.  When we asked him, he set a date and he said that he will prepare for that it!  Although we are very excited, when he walked into the church he was chugging his coffee.  But hey, great things aren't hard! 

This week we had another batch of miracles.  While streeting around the Eki,  we streeted into a past investigator.  He tell us that he has had the missionaries over at his house, been to the Hawaii temple, heard all the lessons and he said "I should get baptized".  I asked him "Do you want to??"  He said that doesn't do the "strict things" of the church, I go on to tell him the story of my family overcoming those "strict things" and being baptized.  It was cool to see him have the glimpse of hope.  It was like, Ok I can do it!  He had to take off but he said that we should go and eat some time!  Yet another miracle.

I have learn a lot and especially appreciate the miracles.  You have to work for them and be willing to recognize/acknowledge the miracles.  Miyako is a miracle for me!  It is exciting to see the miracles happening around me daily.  For those of you that don't know, Miyako was one of the most damaged places in Japan when the tsunami hit in 2011/3/11.  Around town there are signs that show how high the water level reached.  In some spots you can still see where the high water mark was and it is twice and sometimes 3 times taller than I am.  If you watch news clips,  you can see homes and shops were taken away by the water as if it they were toys.  Within two years of the tsunami the Miyako branch is close to seeing new 5 baptisms and a lot of less actives being reactivated.  This place is a place of miracles.  Japan is place of miracles.  The Japan Sendai mission is exploding! 

 It's real fun!  I love Japan, the people, the gospel and the opportunity I have to be here.

 Love you all and it's been a great week in the land of the rising sun!

 Elder Halverson



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