Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 20, 2016: No Change in Miyako

So this week has been great!!  This week we had another awesome lesson with our investigator that will be getting baptized in a few weeks!  However, right before church yesterday she called and canceled saying that she couldn’t come to church and therefore cancelling all of our plans to teach her.  All is good!!  She is awesome and wants to learn!  And she already has a couple friends in the branch so fellowshipping isn't going to be that hard!  
Transfers came and went and I am.... Staying and staying in the same district with the same comp and same elders. So this transfer week is pretty normal, just like a normal week!  
So this week had some more miracles and interesting experiences.  
The other night while knocking on some doors, Elder Daniels and I found a new q who almost rejected us at first.  He wasn't wearing any pants but then we gave him the whole intro and he said that he has some solid interest in God and wants to learn but he can only meet at past 8:20 so we scheduled a time and we will be flying around to meet with him, teach him, and get home on time so we are obedient:). Right after that we had some time for some more housing and we house and nobody comes out and just as we are leaving a guy starts to yell at us in nothing but a short t shirt.  So we got both ends of the spectrum that night!  :)

There are blessings all around us everyday.  Finally people are starting to listen to us and are willing to meet with us again!  It is all because of obedience.  Elder Daniels and I have made a conscious effort to be more obedient.  For example, saying prayers before 10:30 so that we are in bed by that time.  It's the little and small things that make the big difference.  
Lastly,  God loves all his children.  And because he does, there is a book that applies to all of his children and that book is the Book of Mormon.  I testify that the Book of Mormon is true and God is our Heavenly Father!  Simple truths!

Elder Halverson 



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