Monday, October 3, 2016

September 19, 2016: The Lone Elder

All right everyone, I'll give you the run down of the week.  On Monday being my last day in Miyako,  Elder Kudou and I went around and I was able to say good bye to all the members that actually lived close to the church and within reasonable biking distance.  It was good time and kinda sad but I promised them all that I will be coming back to Miyako some time and see them all again.  Honestly, I want to keep that promise.  The following day was transfer, by myself.  I woke up around 5 o'clock on Tuesday morning and did some final packing and then after everyone else woke up we headed to the Eki.  Little did I know that a good number of the members had woken up early to see me off:) I love those people!  They gave me food, manga, and other presents.  Then I was off on my own for 6-7 hours traveling all the way to Sendai.  This is were it gets interesting.  I was supposed to meet some other elders in Morioka, and time was tight so I got off the bus and ran to where they were supposed to be and.... there is nobody.  So then I realize that I left my luggage on the bus so I run back to the bus stop and.... the bus is gone.   Hahah so at this point I am stuck in Morioka without a phone, no luggage, and a solo missionary.  Lol it was a ride.  After asking a few people to borrow their phone and getting rejected every time.  I go and ask the people working at the Eki to call the bus back and use stations phone.  After a few calls to the mission home and telling them that the elders are gone, I am stuck until my luggage comes back, and the APs telling me that all I can do is wait for other missionaries that will come from somewhere or I basically have to wing it and get to Sendai on my own.  Haha so with all that I get my luggage and catch the next bus to Sendai.  Just an hour behind on time.  I get to Sendai and again no body there so I just hung out until another solo missionary came out of the blue.  Well long story short I made it to Furukawa safely and I am now sleeping on beds not futons in this area.  Furukawa is great!  Bunch of great people here and it is terrific.   And there are a lot of people who don't know that they need the gospel.  Also there is a bullet train that runs about 50 yards away from the apartment,  so everyday about 15times I can hear/feel a bullet train pass by.  

Called up a pi this week and she became a new q so that is a great highlight of the week.  Also got to go back to Izumi this week.  It was an awesome time.  As soon as I got off the bus in Izumi, I was like "I AM HOME THIS IS THE PLACE". I AM SO HAPPY".

Ok on a serious note.  Everyday is a blessing!  The fact that we have sunlight to break apart the night every morning is a blessing.  Just the fact that I can be in Japan at this point in my life is a wonderful blessing/gift from God.  All the things that have come up to this point has shape me into the person and missionary that I am.  It is a blessing that I am so thankful for.  God love us individually and love to see us TRY.  Love you all and have a good week.

Elder Halverson 



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