Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016: Transfers and cold weather

It’s starting to get cold and dark really fast here in Furukawa!!  I’ve already taken out my sweater vests from my suitcases to try and stay warm.   Another transfer has come and gone and Elder Koide and I are... staying.  The both of us are staying here in Furukawa and in missionary terms, I am going to kill him.  (Basically be his last companion before he goes home)   We expect to work really hard till the very end. 

 Alright, as for this week, well it was a bummer.  Not the best one I have ever had in my life.  Seriously every single less active wasn’t home and nobody was answering the door.  Usually when Japanese people reject you, it’s pretty nice BUT this week was the exact opposite.  I’ve never gotten blasted so hard on my mission before last week.  It’s all good cause I still love the Japanese people and they are the best!!  We get at it again this coming week and I am pretty excited about it. 

Finally,  this email is really short cause nothing happened all week.  I have really been enjoying my personal studies this past week though.  It has really taken the stress off.  I have found a lot of really cool scriptures in the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  Because of this past week, I challenge all of you out there who are reading my emails to read the holy scriptures.  Take 10 minutes a day, it’s great.  I promise you will be surprised on what you find when you do so. 

Love you all and have a good week.


Halverson Chourou


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