Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016: I'm a week late but General Conference!

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing!!  As I am writing this I am wondering if I am saying hello to a bunch of people or is it just my family and a few missionaries who read my emails.  ANYWAY...HERE WE GO.   TIME TO START THIS EMAIL.


Again I had the opportunity to work in Izumi.  Since Monday was district p-day, my comp and I worked in Izumi.  It was awesome and I love being in Izumi.  It is one of my favorite places on earth.  Elder Koide and I were able to talk to a lot of people and hand out a few Books of Mormon.  Sharing the gospel is always a great and fun time.  Again we are praying for those who don't have time now to hear the message but will sometime in the future.

We were traveling a lot this week so we didnt have as much time as we would like, however after coming back to Furukawa we had a lesson at the church with an investigator and a joint (member joined us).  I was a crazy funny lesson cause the member basically took over.  She wanted to teach this man about the plan of salvation and how he could meet his wife again in the after life.  I mean she talked about every detail and how it links to buddhism and kept saying how true it is.  I am very grateful for Sister Kimura cause she set up the lesson in the first place and it was an amazing joint.  After all that we had a lesson with our awesome recent convert and then with the less active who thinks all the christian church's are the same, but solely believes that ours is the only true one.   I dont know how to explain that situation.  It is what it is.  She came to general conference and watched the whole thing and we love teaching her.

Lastly, we are a week late being able to see general conference.  I watched it while listening to the english version though a pair of really handy head phones.  It was awesome as it always is. I really learned a lot about a variety of topics and was really able to feel the peace and hope of the conference.  That is exactly what made it so special.  While i was watching it I started to get the overwhelming feeling that this conference is broadcasting all over the world and it is sharing a message of hope.  That feeling made this whole week awesome.  It was a great experience, this conference is one that I will not forget.

Love you all and have a good week!!

Elder Halverson


The amazing view of Izumi

Elder H,  "I made it on to the Japanese church website.  Look mom I'm famous!!"

Dad, "Do you nap on that couch?" 
Elder H, "I have a couple times haha It's the only one in the whole mission btw so i am kinda blessed."

"Gyouza is a type of food and we bought a ton of it on pday and cooked it all up last light."

Damion Freestone, Look at the pot lickers....

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