Monday, October 3, 2016

September 26, 2016: This Day--Pres Erying April 2007

Well I am coming to ya again from a internet cafe and the guy next to me is out cold snoring like a bear.  It’s another great sunny and hot day in Furukawa, Japan and Halverson Chouruo is genki. 

 It has been another really blessed week.  Every week we get a newspaper type of email from the mission home telling everyone new annoucments or a message from President Smith and this weeks was noteworthy.  Pres Smith has a bold vision for the Sendai mission.  He sees that there can be a couple of new temples announced in the next five years.  Therefore he has given us a new goal for the mission, a Sendai Japan temple.  As of now we have enough members in the mission for a temple but we need 3 functioning stakes and we only have 1 because there are too many less actives in the Tohoku area.  To bless everyone’s lives, we work with a lot of less actives in the mission.  This week we were inspired to go out and find those who once knew the way to happiness, but for one reason or another they fell away and now need a bit of rescuing.  We had a lot of finding time this week and so Elder Koide and I went out and knock and knocked and knocked then biked and biked and biked.  We were out finding those who have lost the way and those who haven’t found it yet.  We got a good group of PI’s and a few investigators this week.  Slowly and surely we will have a temple here in Sendai and it will be a miracle.  Just hanging on to the hope that it would be announced is a great motivator.  We were again reminded that missionary work in Japan is slow compared to other countries and missions …. especially this mission.  But countless missionaries have come to this land for over a hundred years and now we have 3 temples so we can see results of everyone’s hard work.  I am challenged daily to go out and find “the one” and help them see what God’s love can do for them.  There are now over 130,000 members here in Japan and it is a miracle.  We have more work to be do in this amazing land of Sendai Japan, more people to find and more people to bless.  It is a great work and I love being a part of it.  This week I had another DTM in Izumi and they were having a party there so I got to see some of the members from my first area.  They are seriously the best people.  This time I was able to have an actual conversation with them, not just nodding my head and pretending to know what they are saying! haaha good ole bean days.

Lastly, everyone please read or watch the talk that I put up on the subject line.  It is very good and inspirational.  I am going to take care of the things today and not procrastinate.  You never know what tomorrow brings and you don’t want to regret not doing something.  Please read your scriptures, pray, smile and do your best.  Love you all and have a good week!


Halverson Chourou


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