Monday, October 17, 2016

October 16, 2016: Tour de France

Hello everyone!!  

This week has been great.  Its getting colder and I am pretty sure its going to start to snow in the next couple of weeks.  Since General Conference has passed we have to wear suit jackets whenever we go outside.  This will last until next April when we have General Conference again.  So, some days I am freezing and others dying of heat.  It should be fun for the next couple of weeks.  

Tuesday we had the best Zone conference ever.  President Smith is a genius and such a good educator.  He unveiled to us the new plan to get a temple built in Sendai.  Raising the standard for lessons to be taught in a week to 10 instead of the 7.  Also, he promised all of us that we would see this miracle of a temple if we become more consecrated missionaries and really dedicating all that we have to the Lord and helped build his kingdom on earth.  In order to do that we are having a mission wide fast from tomorrow until wednesday.  I am really exited to see the fruit of this fast and see the culture of this mission change to a new a brighter one.   
Wednesday started the trend for the rest of the week.  Teaching lessons and talking to people who have seen UFOs.  Ya, it’s awesome. 

Had a lesson with Kanedasan who is this old man who has been coming to church for years and wants to learn.  It was a blast teaching him cause he posses questions and gives ideas of what he is thinking and then we can tie it to the gospel. 

Then we found a couple people that say they saw a UFO.  Crazy day but that crazy continued throughout the week.  
Thursday we tried to find some less actives.  We biked close to 50 miles roughly.  We biked to a point were all you could see was rice fields,  rice fields everywhere.  Oh btw there were TWO HOUSES!!!  Both of them are inactive and don't remember anything about joining the church.  After biking all that distance and just before coming home we stopped one guy and talked to him and found out he had a lot of questions and he became a new investigator which was way cool.  We are super excited about it!!  It was a miracle at the end of the Tour de France that we desperately needed.

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a devotional by Elder Bednar.  He went to Hokkaido and spoke to all the members of Japan.  We were able to watch it and it was awesome.  A really great devotional.  He gave some great insights and powerful thoughts on finding joy in the gospel and spiritual gifts.  He said that we all want spiritual gifts but if we search for them with the benefit of ourselves in mind, we will not get those gifts.  Because that is not how Heavenly Father wants us to use those gifts.  He wants us to bless others with them.  In the self-centered world we live in, we need to look out and serve.  Then and only then will the powers of heaven be unlocked to us. 

Love you and have a good week!

Elder Halverson 



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