Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016: Ok Family

So today I might have not a lot of time cause I am going to Sendai today at 2 o'clock to attend a training meeting tomorrow.  I am becoming the district leader in Miyako.  My new comp is Elder Kudo, he is from Osaka and Elder Daniels is going to Aizuwakamatsu.  This week was amazing!

On Saturday we had a baptism of an investigator and I was awesome!  I'll remember it for many reasons, first of all it was way spiritual and even though most of the branch was in Tokyo for a temple trip, there was still a big turn out!  The service was way spiritual and way fun!  But the actual baptism was the most stressful thing to watch.  Apparently, the investigator didn't get the whole concept of going completely under the water cause it took about 10 times.  I was watching it and all the members are giving pointers to the youngest missionary in the area and the investigator was just as confused as the missionary.  They tried standing, then one kneeling and one standing,  then both kneeling.  It was a sight to see indeed (to be honest I was thinking that this baptism might not happen)😁😁😁!

Well after 10 or so tries she finally went all the way under and everyone started to cheer.  idk if that is appropriate or not but a win is a win I guess.  After the baptism, since nobody was home because they are partying at the festival, we all went to the party as well.  It was a blast!  Imagine, seeing a baptism and then party like the Japanese!  They had a ton of shops and culture celebrations that we are participated in!

Sunday was the same too!  Woke up early and saw a baptism in the ocean!  It all happened in Nakanohama in Miyako.  This time it was a members daughter that was getting dunked.  She was so happy.  It's hard to describe how brightly she was smiling before and after the service! 

I love you all and I know that this church is true and through the gates of baptism, one can return to the glory of our Heavenly Father once more!

Love you all and have a good week!


Again sorry I am writing this on the fly!


Elder Halverson


Last ride with Daniels

One last ride



Farewell Daniels and Smith


Peace Out Elder Daniels

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Favorite little

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