Thursday, October 29, 2015

October 29, 20015

4 Days to go 

I want to start out this email by saying that I got to meet another really famous person (in the Mormon world) this week.  On Tuesday, Neil L. Anderson came to the MTC and spoke about how missionary work is very similar to life in the sense that it follows the SOAD pattern.  Sacrifice, Opposition, Adversity, and Deliverance.  It was really quite an amazing talk.  He showed a video from a conference talk he gave a few conferences back.  Likening what we go though in life and missions to a tree blowing in the wind.  He said that the tree experiences rough winds and trails.  It tells its roots to grow faster and deeper into the ground.  The trunk will become more dense in order to withstand the heavy winds.  He said that was just like us, that we have to experience trials and hardships and fight through them and not buckle over from the opposition and adversity.  Then when we are delivered, we will see how much stronger we are and be ready for the next trial and can take them head on.  His talk again was a really good one, I am really glad I was delayed so that I could hear his stories and learn from him.  But really almost as cool as listening to him speak ... I GOT TO SHAKE HIS HAND AND TALK TO HIM AFTER THE DEVO.  ha ha I was in total shock!!  Two famous people right in a row!!  Hopefully my luck doesn't run dry because I am going to need it in Japan!!

Oh, I met another Elder Halverson from Ogden.  It's funny never knowing another other Halverson all my life and I've meet two here in the MTC, both from Ogden...I think he is going to Russia.  I'm pretty sure anyway.  

I also had a really cool sacrament last week on obedience.   It is the first law of heaven and we will really reap the blessings of God if we are obedient.  It is important to be obedient because you want to, not because you have to.  It ties back into the scripture I have shared in past emails.  If you endure your trials well, God will lift you up to the clouds above all that is dirty and dark.  I think is Alma 27 something.  There is a really cool short section in PMG about obedience in the Christ like attributes section.  I think everyone should read and see.  

 My scripture of the week is about not giving up and never doubting yourself or those around you. 
Alma 56:47
47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them.

Crandall Kyoudai, he is one of my teachers and I love this guy to death!!   The best guy ever!

This is the Cedar City Temple which should be completed by the time I'm home.

Praying I get outta here!
He is nervous and excited about getting to Japan.  Wants to get started meeting people and spreading the "good word".  Tired of doing the same thing every single day!
Wouldn't you know it...his iPod broke just before leaving for Japan.  I asked him what color he wanted for his replacement.  I was thinking he'd pick red.  He is in total mission mode and picked either silver or tan.  No garish red anymore.
On his way to Japan, Elder Halverson was only going to call from SLC...I encouraged him to call from SLC, LA and Tokyo. I assume the mission president will call once he his Sendai. 
Excited to get to Japan and get a good meal which says to me he is sick of the comfort food they serve in the MTC.  Time for something different.  He was trying to decide what to get at the airport. 
Cramming as much language as possible before leaving the MTC.  Having a good time with the one on one with the trainers.


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