Friday, October 23, 2015

October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015
Hello everyone, 
So Sunday night at the Devo, Chad Lewis was the speaker and he brought along Taysom Hill.  I was scooting past him and we noticed each others scooters and I SHOOK HIS HAND.  I had a little chat with him about his scooter and all that good stuff.  And even better, Chad Lewis invited him up there to bear his testimony and it was probably the best Devo I've ever had.  Chad talked about the importance of his mission in his life and about how there had been many times where the odds were stacked against him on his mission and in his football career.  He kept stressing how important it is to not giving up and just keep persevering during the hard times.  Taysom talked about all that he learned and benefitted from and because of his mission and how during the hard and the good times he wouldn't trade anything in the world for those experiences.  He also said that he talked to one of the 12 during a BYU home game in the press box and he said.  "Taysom, if the Lord wanted you to be on the field making plays he would, but the Lord has something in store for you and he wants you to learn from this experience."  This really hit home because I finally realized that I'm on the Lord's time and His errand and He wants me to learn something from this MTC experience with braking my foot.  Idk, maybe I will talk to someone on the plane and share with them the gospel.  
For the update on my foot.  I am out of the boot and into an ankle brace.  I can wear both of my shoes now!!!   It's kinda obvious that one of my shoes hasn't been worn for a while now because just before I broke my foot I polished up both of my shoes pretty well and the left on hasn't been worn for a solid 5 1/2 weeks.  

I went to the doctor yesterday and he said that he was nervous about sending me right out to Japan.   His concern was that he didn't want me to go just after I started to walk in an ankle brace.  So I could be flying out on the 26th or the 2nd of Nov.   Its' another "look for the silver lining" experience.  I could get extra Japanese help but miss Halloween in Japan (which I heard is really quite cool).  Idk it's really up in the air.  Everyone will know if I send an email on Sunday or Thursday ... just depending on where I am in the world.  

I love you all and everyone have a good week!

He goes in to see the doctor tomorrow (Thursday) to perhaps get cleared to go.  Doesn't even know then because he doesn't have a plane ticket.  His companion that had to wait because of health issues is leaving on Nov 2nd.
Mitch's companion has been telling Mitch about the Star Wars trailer...obviously he has seen it.  How they do this stuff still surprises me.
Marty asked Mitch if seeing the trailer to the movie would make him trunky and his response was great.  "I've got bigger concerns than the Star Wars trailer."
All those links I had put into his new watch....he had to take them out because it was too big.  Go figure!
Miss this boy so very much.  I want him to get to Japan so he can begin in earnest. 
God's will, not mine.
Mitch is teaching me so much.

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