Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 1, 2015

Life at the MTC and Cold Cereal

So the update on my foot is this:  Yesterday I went to the outside world to visit the doctor for a follow up appointment.  I got another x-ray and it showed that I am making really great progress on the healing of my foot.  The x-ray showed that the bones in my foot are starting to reattach.  He said that I am right on track, maybe even a little ahead of schedule.  I still can not walk on it, but I have another check up a week from today to see if I'll be cleared to go to Japan when scheduled.  Also it's interesting thing that I might be cleared to walk onto the plane in a walking boot. Ha Ha That will be a sight.  If I'm not cleared I'll be delayed just a week to do some rehab and then fly to Japan most likely by myself.  Flyin' solo.

 This week has been really good.  Yesterday my comp and I got to Skype a 日本人 (Japanese person) and basically have FHE with him.  We shared with him a message about family and then he told us that he was preparing to serve a mission.  We talked with him about how much fun it is to serve and how he should be really excited to serve the people where ever he goes.  He was a really cool person and he also told us that the Japanese people are waiting for us to get there and share with them the message of Jesus Christ.  All of this has got my really excited for Japan, especially this story that my teacher, Crandall Kyodai, shared with us about Japan.

He said that on his mission he was able to be apart of the rededication of the Japan Tokyo South Mission (日本南電動某)In the exact spot that the nation of Japan was dedicated for missionary work back on August 12, 1901. (the same day I came to the MTC)  In the dedicatory prayer, Heber J. Grant said that Japan would be the example and gateway for all missionary work in the world.  Especially the Asian countries.  Sixty years later Hugh B. Brown said in an address to missionaries that in their life time they would see a person of Asian decent become an Apostle of the lord.  I'd like to add that Holland said in a talk one time, God really does love his people in Asian countries, because if he didn't he wouldn't have made so many of them. haha  This conference is special because its been 100 years since 3 apostles have passed away in between conferences.  I know you're not supposed to make bets on who will be called, but I really bank on the fact that it will be someone of Asian decent.  I am just really excited for this years conference.

Funny story from this week is that the elders in my district decided to do the tower challenge.  Which is to eat all of the cereal in the tower in one sitting.  We did it.
The devotionals are really quite amazing honestly.  We get a General Authority every Tuesday and sometimes on Sunday as well.  I learn a lot that i write down in my journals.
When I pressed him to take a disposable phone to the airport.  " It's just cause I want to be obedient.  Because they have asked me to not have a phone at the airport.  It will work out when the time rolls around.  We will cross that bridge when it comes."

"I like speaking Japanese.  IDK what it is but it is awesome."


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