Friday, August 4, 2017

July 10, 2017: President Sekiguchi

Well, it has been business as usual.  Weeks like this really make me more appreciative of shorts and air conditioning.  Sometimes I wish I could be like the Japanese business men and unbutton my top button and take off my tie while biking and walking around.   I guess I really can't complain because there are missionaries in Africa or other places who deal with this stuff all year round. 

We officially welcomed in the new president this week at the Kamisugi chapel.  We had the classic "welcome, welcome" conference.  I am very excited to have my last weeks with Pres. Sekiguchi because he has got tons of ideas and has incredible ideas for the mission.  He is making a mission Facebook page for all the members to see the progress in the mission so that those that live in far places from the mission home feel included.  He also has got a great sense of humor.   He kept telling my comp and I that if we get into trouble or anything with the police, we were to just start speaking English and walk away.  Then in case we get arrested it is ok cause he will come get us out no problem! haha   It's all a joke but I have the tendency to think that in the case that someone does get arrested, that is exactly what will actually happen! haha 

Really at this point of my mission I don't know what to write in these weekly emails any more.  Again I forgot my journal and this last week as just a blur...  really sorry mom and dad.  What I do remember was great.  We had an investigator come to church and we reset a bap date with Yoshio san.  It was a pretty eventful week I think!   hahaha  I do know that God is there and watching over each of us and that the book is true.  Throughout my mission I've had a ton of experiences that have deepened my understanding of how sacred this missionary work is.  I am thankful at the end of everyday for a loving Heavenly Father that brought me to Japan to speak Japanese and share the gospel with these amazing people in Sendai as well as other places over the past two years.  My mission has been awesome, there is no other word for it.  I encourage all who haven't gone out yet or have a chance as a couple, to leave and go on a mission.   God lives and this is true!!  love you all!


peace be with you all

Halverson Chourou


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