Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - Nothing but Walking

Working with a new investigator
The snow keeps falling and we keep walking.  It’s ok because I've missed the snow and occasionally we take the bus. 

First thing.  It is the importance of being yourself and have fun!  I got an email from a neighbor concerning his mission and how once he decided to be himself, he started to have so much fun and not by accident was having more success at the same time.  Like his email said, I have come to realize that those two things really do go hand in hand.  I fell into the trap of becoming a homogeneous elder when I came out of the MTC.  The MTC isn't a factory people!  When we are called to be missionaries, we aren't supposed to be the same.  The Lord has blessed us with talents, skills, etc. that are unique to each of us.  We are called as representatives of Him and He has given us special talents to further the work, to reap the field all white ready to harvest.  When we are not being ourselves, we are burying our talents like in Matthew 25.   I have been called to strive to become perfectly obedient  Halverson ハルバソン長老, not like any other elder.  Again can't stress it enough!  You are called to a specific mission for a specific reason because of your specific talents abilities.  My biggest onagai to all of you is just be yourself in all aspects of life!!  Matthew 25 doesn't just apply to missionaries but everyone as well!!  Whether it be at school, work or whatever, just be yourself!!!

Primary kids love us

I am also impressed to write about the small and little things.  There was a story that was from one of our APs.  When he was a zone leader in Aomori, they as a zone leader companionship set a goal to get one baptism before the end of the transfer.  They didn't see one the entire transfer, but right before the end of the transfer they passed a Book of Mormon to a man from Nepal.  After two transfers had passed he became AP and as APs they go to every baptism meeting and when they went to one in Kamisugi, he realized the guy getting baptized was the guy that he passed a Book of Mormon to in Aomori.  During that time, the investigator read the Book of Mormon and decided that he NEEDED to join this church.  He found the elders in Kamisugi and was baptized in 2 months!!  Like the verse in Alma, “By the small and simple things are great things come to pass!”  Remember you are all doing greater good than you think you are!!  We can get caught up in the big picture and forget that it is the little things that are equally as important.

We continue to work and find people to teach and opportunities to serve.  We are focusing on the small and little things we can do to help people feel the spirit of the restored gospel.

Love you all and have a good week!!


Elder Snow Ball

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