Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016 - Transfers

New Years Day trip to the island
Tuesday was the final day with Elder Macnab.  We had to go to the Sendai Eki (train station) and drop him off with the Zone Leaders.  That day my new comp arrived, Elder Morris is from West Valley Utah and a great guy.  It's crazy the ties we both have going back to the MTC. We had the same teachers, both Brother Crandall and Pherson, and he just finished training Elder Fonoimoana who is a really good friend from the MTC.  It is like he was in the MTC with me and knows all the stories!    I am really excited for this transfer, I feel like I can learn a lot of Japanese from him.  We still have the two Japanese Elders in the apartment so this should be fun!!

Wednesday we had another lesson with our Vietnamese investigator.  It was by far the best lesson I have ever given  even though the result was not what we wanted.  We will continue to help him with English the first 30 minutes and then teach the gospel for the last half hour.  We taught him about God again and he was wondering why if God wants everyone to be happy then why are there so many bad things in the world right now.  We taught him that God really does want the best for all of us and wants us to be happy by following his teachings.  He asked if you don't follow Gods plan then will God will cut you off?  We then taught that the greatest gift we could have ever received was the gift of our agency and God doesn't cut us off when we make bad decisions.  He will still love us no matter how many bad choices we make.  Even the most wicked he still loves. I could literally see in him that he was starting to feel the spirt of God and what we were telling him was true!!  However, because people have their agency, he closed his heart on what he was feeling and said that he doesn't believe in God.  It was sad, but what I've learned from my new comp is that you have to love people for who they really are and respect their decisions.

Thursday was a learning experience for sure.  Not a whole lot happened other than we just found out that the less active members that we have been working with have had no intention at all in coming to church.  So that was fun….

Another thing, Morris Chourou and I were housing the other day and we knocked on this door.  We could hear the kids inside playing.  They open the door and all they see is me, so they just start to scream.  If you want something good to relate it to, think of the movie the Incredibles and when the kid on the mini tricycle sees Mr. Incredible fall down on the house after the fight in the air.  That kid’s face is exactly what all the kids looked like that day.

Sorry that is all for now because my keyboard died again and I can't get it back on.  But I love you all and please stay safe.  Never forget that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! gets cold here.

Elder Halverson

New Year's Day sunrise

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