Monday, January 4, 2016

December 27, 2015 - Snowed and melted

Since I Skype just the other day, this will probably just be a really short email.  After we talked on Saturday, we went to a old folks home and helped out.  It was way fun.  We sang to them in English which was really quite weird. haha.   All in all, I'm glad the Christmas season is over because I don't have to sing to people anymore. 
We sat down with this man who has memory loss and had the same conversation about how he was a "chief engineer, biggest one, big ship company, sea man data".  He repeats all of this each time, just in a different order.  It turns out great because it's a fun way to practice Japanese and ask the same question a different way.

Yesterday I had a sacrament talk about obedience which was a very excellent opportunity to use and mess up my Japanese.  I was able to convey my thoughts on obedience to the best of my ability.  It's really cool to see how far I have come in a little bit of time.  Although I do have room for improvement but I do try each day to continue and progress.  I still get nervous and trying to think in both languages  which is extremely difficult.  Sometimes I'll be standing there thinking about what I want to say, but it was really cool experience that I will learn from.

Sorry for the short email but I feel like we discuss everything over the Skype.

 Love you all and 頑張ってね


Actors in the nativity at the church

Halverson Chourou and Mimaki Chourou gave out 10 BOM in 2 hours.  That's a big deal.
Christmas Taikai
They had Christmas dinner on the porch of a member because there was not another male in the house.

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