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THANK YOU MOM FOR THE KEYBOARD!!!! It makes everything easier to do on my iPad - notes, emails, everything. Thank you so much for this. And sorry if there are a lot of spelling errors in this email because I'm writing it with my keyboard and my hands are a little to big for the small keys haha, but its all good. Thanks again!! It really is a blessing.

It has been an average week for me here. I'm getting into the swing of things here at the MTC. I don't know why some people hate the MTC so much. It's really kinda nice here. You don't have to worry about anything really. All the food is free. Although the food is becoming less and less appetizing. You can only have enough mass produced meals everyday. For example, I loved biscuits and gravy at home and now I can not stand it here. Especially cause they serve it every morning and the biscuits are nearly rock hard. I'm pretty sure that they make them and let them sit in the open for hours on end so the biscuits become rocks. But when Sunday rolls around the food here is amazing, only because all of the branch presidency from all the zones here at the MTC. Sundays are still the best because of the good food, the temple walk, relaxed, sacrament, Sunday night Devo, and we get to watch a movie (usually a member of the Quorum of the Twelve gives a talk). Not an actual movie, it would be nice however to watch a disney movie or Star Wars.

BTW, when my district and I have down time we usually talk about Star Wars and how excited we are for Star Wars 7. And we all changed our names on our iPads to Star Wars characters names.

Our Senpai left for Japan early Monday morning which was really sad because I was just starting to get close with all of those amazing elders and sisters. Luckly some are going to Sendai. When we were saying good bye the ones going to Sendai just kept saying see you in 6 weeks. Now it's really quite quiet in the residence halls. But on a brighter note there is no longer a big line for the showers anymore. Which is a blessing and a half, because you get to take longer showers without anyone waiting on you to finish. The other Japanese zone that we share the residence hall (they are going to Nagoya and Kobe) got 40!! 40 Kohai (newbies basically) and they are all going to Nagoya and Kobe. I asked one of my sensai how many people where in his zone when he was a missionary (which was just 3 years ago) and their were 6 maybe 7 total missionaries in his district and maybe 30 missionaries in his zone. To compare, there are 35 of us missionaries when the Senpai left for Japan and before, we had close to 70 missionaries. That is absolutely insane. We were double his mission in total numbers. The lord is really hastening his work on the Asian continent, especially in Japan.

In Jacob 5, my sensei made the allegory to the prophet (servant) continually asking for more time in the Vineyard to see if the crops and branches would grow after being grafted and such. Then the servant finally asks his master (the lord) for more strength or help in his vineyard. The prophet finally asked for help instead of more time here on the earth. The second coming is near and prophets have been asking for more time to do his work on the earth. And about 3 years ago Thomas S. Monson finally asked for more help here on the earth. and that is when the Lord instructed him to make the missionary age change and give every missionary iPads so that the work can be hastened on the earth. Since the age change, missionary numbers have spiked from about 55,000 to nearly 90,000 missionaries out in the field. I was reading in D&C and at the end of every chapter it kept saying that "Behold I come Quickly. Even so. Amen." It is an amazing time to be a missionary and I am more than excited to finally go to Nihon.

The MTC is great because of the experiences you can have here that you can never have really at any other place in the world. On Tuesday, DALLIN H OAKS came to the MTC and spoke to us about the importance of PMG. It was broadcasted to all the other MTCs in the world. I'm going to send you my notes from the Devo. I've never typed so fast in my life, hahaha. I was writing down everything he was saying basically. At the end of the Devo, when he stood up, we all stood up and he waved to the whole crowd, everyone waved back. But it was honestly like he was waving at just me. Probably one of the coolest and most spiritual experiences I have ever been a part of. Well, 'til next week, love you

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