Monday, September 21, 2015

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Birthday Week

It was my birthday this week and it was really fun.  The sisters in my district decided to decorate the room with all sorts of stuff they found around the MTC.  There were tons of candy and all sorts of different decorations and such. It was really fun.  They sang "Happy Birthday" to me as I scooted into the classroom, but sadly they were somehow not allowed to decorate the room so I had about 15 minutes of birthday here.  Oh also, thanks for the cake, Mom!  Even though it said "ELDER HAVLERSON" on it, it was still a really oishii cake.  And that night I had another 15 minute birthday eating cake before we had to go to bed.  #MissionLife

I got transferred to another comp. My 3rd comp in 5 weeks at the MTC.  Nearly everyone at the MTC only has 1 comp the whole time... well I've had three. The new one is named Elder Hogan. He is from Virginia and he is the guy who got the 35 on the ACT. And he loves to sing a lot... and he isn't the best at singing. So right now I want to say I'm sorry for my singing because I now realize that bad singing isn't the best when its nonstop, ha ha. I still love Elder Hogan though. He is a really cool guy and yet again I've got something to learn from this new comp

Now for the Minor news:
On Friday last week, I broke my foot playing basketball.  It is a 5th metatarsal bone that I broke.  I have gym the first thing in the morning so we woke up early to get there and start playing.  So we got there and we said the prayer and I went over to start playing. We were playing elimination and I missed my first shot and ran to go get it. I jumped up for the lay up and came down and landed on my old comps foot.  Rolled my ankle and it continued to roll and I felt a pop in my foot.  ha ha pretty awesome right? Not.  I got to the doctor and they x-rayed my foot and tell me i cracked it at the head of the bone which is really fortunate because its only a 5-6 week recovery.  He also said I might be able to walk around with a brace after a check up on the 30th of September.  So now I have a scooter and I scoot around everywhere at the MTC.  The weird/cool/unfortunate/fortunate thing is that I broke it with 5 weeks left so more than likely I'll be in a boot right up until I leave for Japan on the 12th of October.  
BEN FOWERS, I think I have the same type of injury that you had just before baseball. I look just like you with the scooter and foot in a boot.

I set a goal for myself that I will walk onto the plane on October 12th, so I am doing all that I can.  Including having faith in Heavenly Father that I will be able to fulfill his plan for me, whether it be by working in the vineyard (MTC) a little longer and then receiving my penny for the work and not complaining that I didn't get it sooner, because its all a part of the plan to have me be more prepared to finally go to Japan.  Going to Japan is the penny we all get. It's just the difference of how long I have to work to get the penny.  Just like in Jacob 5, the parable of the vineyard.  We watched a video about the parable of the vineyard and it really showed me that we need to have patience in what we do and have faith in Heavenly Father.

'Til next week. Love you all 

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