Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 27, 2017: 仙台にいる

Hello everyone!  Coming at you live from the chapel in Kamisugi!  So we have zone conference tomorrow and the senior couple in Iwaki just happened to be going up to Sendai today so we took another road trip to Sendai!  It beats the 3 1/2hr bus ride for sure!


I only worked in いわき with Elder Price for one whole day this week.  We had splits with both Aizu elders which took us from our area to theirs.  The bus ride is 3 hrs one way.  But besides the travel, it was a good couple of splits.  I worked with Elder Shumway from Enterprise Utah!  Go figure!  Well anyway we got skunked the entire day.  Nobody would listen to us as we fought the occasional blizzard which is apparently all too common in Aizu!  Because of the split, I learned better the meaning of love.  What I mean is people are just people, they have a face, name, hobbies, story, etc etc.  As missionaries when you get to know the people, really treat them as people, not a number the true success really comes.  You know when you have it cause it is that sense of accomplishment that you can't deny when you get in the futon at night and the day is over.


Since I'm in Kamisugi I left my journal in Iwaki and I am just racing through my memory to remember some cool/important things that we did.  We found a new investigator last Sunday and we made an appointment for the next day. And it's a miracle because he came! We had a great lesson then the next day.  We then set another date with an investigator who was told by her dad when she was young that there is a life after this one and hope in this life!  Pretty sweet right?!

The people in Iwaki and way prepared.  Obviously there are people who aren't yet but it's really fun as of late to find all this people and teach them as well!


-Went to the aquarium last week for district pday.

-nailed my talk yesterday in sacrament meeting.

-the comp is great, getting along great.

-I'm happy


Love you all.  Have tons of stories and no time.   love you all and have a good day and week!!  じゃあね


Elder Halverson



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