Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 20, 2017: Bits from a few days


We had an awesome district conference in Koriyama today.  We went to the conference with the Murals.  It was a fun ride up there, Murata Shimai is really spunky and just told jokes with us all the way to koriyama.   We got to the the conference and 105 people gather (which is an incredible turn out). The membership is really strong in the district there and there just needs to be a little more priesthood holders active and holding callings.  But that is our purpose to get them all there.  Great meeting and great day.  Dendo was kinda slow today.  However we did find some success giving a Book of Mormon to a woman, and a few lessons.  



Sister Kujiraoka took the whole district and some members out to kappa sushi all you can eat sushi place.  Elder Price and I were going to Sendai later that night so we planned to eat a big lunch.  Well I ate about 25 plates of sushi!  Well worth it.  We went to a thrift shop right after that to buy ties and we are going to wear them on Wednesday.  It was probably the best 2nd hand shop I've ever been to, had really soft comfortable couches.  Almost feel asleep!  Well after a 3 hour bus ride to Sendai we were streeting around the eki.  City people are a little bit meaner, everyone was giving up hard kekkos and the cold shoulder.  Except for the last person, ichihara san, we stopped him on the bridge and talked for a long time.  He is a young worker living in sendai.  When the conversation turned to everlasting happiness, he said that he was interested and asked if he could come to church.  Of course we said yes but since we were coming from Iwaki, we gave him the contact info of the Kamisugi elders and he called them right then and there!  Left a message on their phone!  I was way surprised when that happened.  He was way aggressive and happy to meet the other elders.  We then parted ways and we headed to the honbu.  Called the Kamisugi elders that night and found out they were playing phone tag with him all night... what can you do?  

Life is good.



Well today, I had my first AP split.  It was with the legendary Elder Okamoto.  I learned a lot from him by what type of person he is.  Very humble and easy going he really made me feel comfortable around him.  He was very talkative and friendly, great leader.  It was raining hard today, plus we didn't have the van so we were bus missionaries.  Spent a lot of money on bus fare and tickets.  We headed to the church and we had a little meet and discussion with a member in nagamachi.  They have a program there that the members will sign up for a time where they can work or meet with the missionaries.  This was one of those times.  We talked about how we can all be better missionaries and members!  Even though we weren't teaching an investigator, I believe it was a good time spent for the member there!  He has lots of dendo fire and I'd image that most members in nagamachi have that fire as well.  Great discussion on service and then we went to the mall for lunch.  An hour of our time was taken away by a matter that the aps are dealing with!  Apparently they have an RC living in the Tokyo temple annex with no money, apartment, job, or anything.  All he does is do baptisms for the dead.  We had to get him money to get back to Sendai.  It took about an 1 1/2 hours to handle it.  It was not too much fun.  Lot of sitting around waiting for people.  Well the rest of the split was awesome.  I learned quit a lot about planning from elder okamoto.  Always have something to do every hour.  He also asked what my goals are and the only thing I could say was 2 baptisms before I go home.  I couldn't say anything else, well couldn't think of anything else.  I probably need to make more goals and work for them.  On top of that we talked about how to accomplish it and we both agreed that working with the members was the best way, just going nuts with the members was the best thing.  Also this stuff only comes in the timing of God, so for the time being, what you can and keep working as hard as you can!  That is what I plan to do.  Life is good 😊 till tomorrow.

Elder Halverson 


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