Thursday, March 16, 2017

March 13, 2017: I was born in a hospital!

Hello everyone this week was by far the busiest week of my mission!!

But to explain the title, please think with me and remember how people don't have interest, but they don't want to be mean to you and say no and then they make up some ridiculous excuse.  Well this happened last night.  We were housing and we meet another Buddhist guy and his excuse was that he was born at a jinja and therefore he is Buddhist (pretty strange excuse right), then from behind me Elder Price says "I was born in a hospital".  I bust up laughing on this guys door step and this guy start to laugh at me and all we were able to do was give him a flyer.

You may find this funny but it was kinda you had to be there type of thing...  still way funny!

Well this week we went to the neighboring city, Koriyama 3 times on consecutive days and on Wednesday we went to Sendai for MLC.  So needless to say we were in our own area for about 1 1/2 days this week.

Saturday and Sunday we had district conference where a total of 105 people from 3 branches were there!  Now that is a big turn out!  I was really excited/surprised to see that many people in a place that is at least 1 hour away from the rest of the branches.  Also the less active mom and dad came to the meetings which makes it 2 weeks in a row that they have come!!  The Ono family are making great strides to come back!

Well I forgot my journal but we have had a bunch of small miracles!

On Wednesday we had MLC from 8-1 then bus from 2:30-6 and eikaiwa at 7.  Once we got off the bus we headed to the apartment to drop of our stuff.  While we were walking nobody was out or would listen but with eikaiwa to start in 19 minutes we passed by a 20 year old kid and we talked with him for a little and exchanged phone numbers and he became a pi that texted us later that night!! That happened again another day just before we traveled to Koriyama for the meetings!  We had plenty of what Elder Price and I call "no time miracles".

On a short note, we gave a blessing to a member going under cancer treatment and she was actually feeling good and came to sushi with us today so that was cool!!  Well love you all and thank you for everything!  Have a good week!!  The book is blue, the church is true and God lives!  Have a good week !


Elder Halverson



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