Monday, August 17, 2015

August 13th, 2015 5:07 PM

Konichiwa Guys,

I have arrived safe to the MTC.  Immediately after I turned the corner they were telling me all sorts of things to do.  I first went into a room where they gave me my nametag, credit card, and a huge bag of Japanese language books.  It is really heavy and nearly ripped in half when my escort was walking me to my dorm.  I walked into my building where my classrooms are and I saw Junho as soon as I got into the building.  He ran over to me and jumped on me and gave me a huge hug.  It was really nice to see someone I knew just as I got to the MTC.  Food is good,  not great but good.  My first class consisted of the teacher speaking straight Japanese to all of the district (my district is 10 elders and 4 sisters).  Most every one in my district is from Utah except Elder Nomo (Hawaii) and Edler Hogan (Virginia).  My district all scored high on the ACT.  They have gotten 30, 33, and 35.  Oh btw, my companion’s name is Elder Myers from Idaho Falls, ID.  Of course he got a 33 on the ACT.  He is a cool guy and I’ve got a lot to learn from him.  The first night is when it hit me, haha.  It was kinda rough, but I think it’s going to be great from here on out.  Every spare minute, my companion and I quiz each other on Japanese vocab.  My sensei was taught by Nick Fowers when Nick was still a sensei.  His name is Brother Crandall.  Sorry I don’t have much time to write more because I am only given 10 minutes to write this, so I am trying to type as fast as possible.  Love you all and enjoy these pictures.  The last photo is some missionaries in Sendai Japan in 1985. 

Halverson Chourou

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