Monday, January 16, 2017

January 9, 2017: Hellow Everyone and Happy New Year!

Sorry for no email last week but I was busy partying with all the new years festivals.  Elder Davies and I went to Izumi then to Sendai to see some of the culture and sight see.  In sendai at this time of the year there is a japan famous shopping spree that goes on and i was right in the middle of all of it.  There was hundreds of thousands of people gathered around to get the next deal on sometime it was nuts!!

Anyway this week was a lot of cleaning and recovering from the festivities.

The work was really hard this week cause lots of people were still doing stuff with there families or still hadnt returned from where ever they went for new years. So there was alot of people not home!

Which was a bit unfortunate. However we were still able to meet our investigator with a bap date sato san.  I wasnt there for the lesson cause a split but from what i heard is that she is doing good and is progressing steadily.  She has a lot of questions and her kids a tad bit crazy so we need to take it slow haha still exited for the 25 of feb!  This is going to be short again but everyone i hope made new goals for this year.  We can all really change. I believe that.  But not in a year a month or six weeks.  We can change everyday thanks to Jesus christ and the atonement.  We can take those small little steps every day to reach the final goal of eternal life and becoming just like our father in heaven!  So everyone lets do our best everyday and take the small steps to "be a little be better, try a bit harder to reach a little farther to be a little bit better" President Hinckley.

I know that god lives and we can talk to him though pray and he will respond always!  I love you fam and have a good day!

Elder Halverson


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