Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017: Good Morning from Japan!

It is another bright morning in Furukawa and the weather is a constant -4 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of -9 degrees.

Hello, how is everyone??  Those of you in a nice warm tropical place I hope you are loving the weather cause it's bitter cold here.  Probably the miracle of the week was that while Elder Davies and I were working, we didn't freeze and become popsicles.  Also, the fact that I still have fingers and toes is a miracle in itself.  This week we were able to spread the gospel to a bunch of people and for the first time in a while we got into a house.  The guy who let us in was a PI (potential investigator) named Houshi san and we found out that he is way good at English and has meet / heard lessons from the missionaries 15 plus years ago and received an Old and New Testament from them.  Seriously, this man is awesome and has a heart of gold.  So nice.  He gave us milk and mikans and told us to eat as much as we want:):).   We had a little lesson about the Book of Mormon in Japanese and English.  We have an appointment with him on Friday which I wish would come faster.  Lol.

As far as investigators go we are still in contact with Sato San.  She was really busy this past week and couldn't meet but we have a appointment with her on Wednesday and plan to teach her and her kids.

Those lessons are always way fun.  We have been texting her and she is doing great!  Just a bit busy.

On a funny note, because of the freezing weather this week I couldn't open my mouth and talk properly.  All that would come out was just mumbling and alot of people couldn't understand what I was saying.  I had to say it again slower and make sure that it all came out.  I am starting to speak like an old Japanese dude.  One day all the blood was gone from my face when I gave a commitment to a less active sister.  She said that she was scared of me.  She said that I was looking her right in the eye and had a straight face that was pale white and said "READ THE BOOK OF MORMON".  We laughed about it but apparently I scared her into reading for the week. Haha a win is a win I guess.  Last one, I was so tired from working and the cold I almost fell asleep walking home one night.


The gospel is true.  There is a feeling that comes over me when I am teaching promising blessings.  I know that that feeling is from the Holy Ghost.  It is teaching not only the investigator but also me that the gospel is true, God lives and He loves each one of us on an equal level.  I am grateful for the gospel. I am so thankful for this opportunity in Japan to teach and testify.  Lastly, everyone, when you go to any church function take your scriptures! Mark them up because they hold a power that you can't get feel through the electric devices! 

Love you all and have a good week

Elder Halverson


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