Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016: Transfers, craziness, and a Canadian!

Hello, everyone!  How are you all doing?


It's been a real fun/exciting week here in Kamisugi, Izumi and Furukawa.  So let's begin.

At the beginning of the week, it was Elder Koide's last of lasts.  We couldn't go out and work at all Monday night cause he had to pack which took until just before we had to go to bed that night.  But, it was ok because I was supposed to come back to Furukawa with my new companion on Wednesday.  However, after we went to Izumi to spend the night everything went on its head.  Something with the flights coming to Japan got mixed up and the new missionaries from America didn't come until Thursday.  Because of that I got to spend a lot of time in my beloved Izumi waiting for all the missionaries.  It was a lot of fun to be able to work with Elder Sharp (who also worked in Izumi at one point in time).  We were able to talk to a lot of people and found a PI for the Elders in Izumi.  Nice old man, who had a question on why there were so many churches in the world.  I also got to go to Eikaiwa in Izumi which is the best eikaiwa in the whole mission. In my opinion.

The next day, Thursday, was the new missionary orientation.  Before the meeting starts President Smith tells us all who is with who and showing it on a big slide show.  My name comes up and it's paired with Elder Davies!! Right after I see that Pres. Smith motion to me and he tells me that Elder Davies is still in Tokyo cause his flights got mess up same with another 3 elders haha.  So I was yet again comp less.  I finally meet Elder Davies at the end of the conference, he is 18 years old from Alberta, Canada and is awesome.  He is ready to work hard and have some fun!!  He is really a cool guy, wants to work, and very humble.

We couldn't start working until half way thru Friday cause of meetings and getting back to Furukawa. But it was a successful couple days in my book!  We found a couple solid PIs that wanted to learn more about the purpose of life and the church so hopefully we will be able to start teaching them pretty soon.  Also we had to drop two of our investigators this week.  We have had a tough time meeting anybody really and when we finally meet those two they told us not to come back.  So that is sad but the work continues.

Finally, I have had this feeling since I became a trainer I have felt an incredible amount of stress to help my son be successful.  In missionary terms my comp is my son.  And just like any father, I want this Elder to be successful and happy.  Raising a Kid is HARD and TIRING.  But I know I have the Lord on my side, as we all do.  I know that God lives and he wants the best for us, his children.  The church is true! Love you all and have a good week.

Elder Halverson


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