Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016: Week 5 in Odate and it is warming up!

I've been studying Alma 26:22 a lot lately. During the week I read it multiple times and really pondered the true message of the scripture.  When I read "prayers continually without ceasing" it makes me nervous because I am still 19 and I start to think how can I dendou if I am praying all the time.  Then the other day I remembered what Pres Smith said an interview.  We didn't open a meeting with a pray because he said that we didn't need to because we always have a prayer in our heart.  Now whether that is a hymn, verse of scripture, or a silent prayer for these next couple of minutes.  But we are human we make mistakes and our thoughts wander.  We think of sports or something else that doesn't relate.  How can we be this super hero type missionary if we can't stay focused?  How can I be perfect at everything?  I had this question in my head and then I read the verse again.  "He that repenteth and exercise the faith".  Isn't this our purpose, to become like the Savior?  Make the mistake, repent and continue in faith.  (Ex. think of sports etc.  Yes I am wondering what is happening with March Madness!).,  I need to do my best and let the Lord intervene when I fall short.  Remember "doing good works and prayeth continually without ceasing".  Long story short I learned that this verse is a lifelong process.  And progress is made every single day and we are all on the Lords time.  We must try our best because he has given us everything we need to succeed.  When we make the mistake, he is there to heal and make us better!  Make us into that super hero missionary or person! 

The other day I had the opportunity to go to Hirosaki and work with 太田原長老! (Otahara). Sadly he is an old missionary (leaving soon) but he's a great missionary.  I learned a ton about being yourself when you are dendoing!  I have lately been spending too much time saying the same thing over again because I am a little scared of making it up on the fly.  Especially housing, actually really on housing because we have little time to spark an interest before we get rejected.  But Otahra was slow and calm, changed his approach for every person.  It was cool!  We were able to pass a couple pamphlets through the door and make some PIs.  Now when I tried it,  I wasn't as smooth cause I am still learning!  He has tons of practice and that is the point.  We weren't walking when we were born.  We had to experience the trail of failure first.   Same with the language, housing, teaching, dating, etc.  it's all practice and the really skilled ones are the people who have practiced, failed, tried, failed and yet again try.  And the best part of it all when we fall, we have the Savior to help us out.  He will help us up, brush us off and watch us as we continue on!

 Love you all!  Have a great week and smile!


Elder Halverson

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