Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 8, 2016 - 3rd Transfer Week 5

It was a little of a bummer week.

Waiting on the laundry
On Monday we had all that fun P-day stuff and I am sorry mom I was busy and couldn't email.  Monday was probably the most successful day of the week.  We went streeting in front of a shopping mall here in Izumi.  We were able to pass out 2 Books of Mormon in the time that we were there.   I was really fun and really cold at the same time.   I realized that we as missionaries can almost accomplish anything.  I was thinking back before my mission and I really don't think I could have learned a hard language or woken up at 6:30 or earlier every single day.  It really is true the promise in 1 Nephi 3:7  "...I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded for I know that the Lord giveth no commands unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way.."  It is true in the mission field.

Tuesday we had zero success.  Since we recently dropped 2 of the 3 investigators we have been focusing hard on finding new investigators and trying to pick up new, old ones as well.  But all day, either streeting or visiting old Q's, they said either kekko, keare, moved, or dead.   So thus far in the week we had zero going for us.  It was a very difficult day to say the least.

Wednesday was more of the usual, we walked around Izumi trying to find a single soul to make contact with, but as usual we didn't find anybody.  But we did have Eikaiwa which is where people come to the church and learn free English.  It's always a blast!!  Izumi has the best Eikaiwa.  The secret to teaching Eikaiwa is just be genki as you possibly can and people will feed off of it.  Wednesday was the funniest day of the whole week.

Thursday was the most successful day of the week.  We were able to meet with two of the less actives.   Earlier in the day I made a goal to focus on the spirit and be a true disciple of Christ.  Usually when we meet one of the less actives, I have zero idea what they are saying.  During one of the visits I was getting really frustrated that I couldn't understand anything (btw he doesn't have any teeth, so literally I can't understand a thing),  but I remembered my goal for the day.  I then had the words to speak and words to teach the restored gospel.  It was an incredible testimony builder that even though I don't understand everything that they are saying I have the best secret weapon (sacred weapon) the Holy Ghost and all of its many and wonderful blessing and gifts.

 My comp became really ill Friday to Sunday and we had to stay in the apartment all day.  But it's all good because I got to watch the Testaments video about 15 times :). Almost got it memorized in Japanese now.  :)

 Love you all

From the Land of the Rising Sun

Elder Halverson ハルバソン長老


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