Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 Transfers! ODATE

So yesterday I got my transfer call.  I am getting transferred to a place called ODATE, it's in the 青森  zone.  It is a branch that has around 9 members, my companion and I will be 2 of the 3 priesthood  
holders in the branch. The other is the branch president.   I will become the 2nd councilor in the branch presidency.  I am really excited, I believe it will be a great learning experience and I will be speaking a lot of Japanese there!  So please pray for me!  My new comp is from first Nihongi companion.
Last dinner together
Izumi Elders

Other than the weirdness at church, the week was really fun!  We had a record for lessons, we got 12 lessons this past week!  And a lot of Book of Mormon handouts which is always great!

Splits with Elder Larson
 A really cool experience I had this week is when I was on a split with Elder Larson.  Before we went out for the day he said "Let's go make it fun.  Let's put on a smile and have fun". After he said that, the day we had was really a good one!  We had a mogi lesson with a member that day and it was awesome.  Even though I was making mistakes it was alright because I was having fun with it!  It was so much fun to go on the split with him!  It reminded me of when I was in the MTC and my teacher said that if you feel good going into a lesson, you will have the spirit!  Just be happy, put on a smile and it will all be good and fun! 

Love you all!  I don't have a lot of time because I am going a long way for transfers!!  I'll be on a bus pretty much the entire day.

Love you all

Elder Halverson


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