Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 23, 2015

A whole lot of busy happened this week.

First of all we had a special meeting in Kamisugi 上杉 about the use of iPads and the does and don'ts of how to use them correctly in our everyday lives as missionaries.  I was a really good meeting.  However the really cool part was what President Smith said about the iPads.  He said that missionary work has been done for years without iPads and they were still successful.  And I'm not saying that they are not helping hastening the Lords work, but the fact that missionary work can be done with out them.  haha Just ask anyone in the ward that served.

They all did them without iPads!!!  President Smith said something really interesting when he were at the meeting.  He called it "save the generation"  he said that one of the big points of having the missionaries have iPads so that they know how to correctly use them when we all finish our missions and return home to our devices and the world wide web.   Along with hastening the work with the iPads, it's also helping the individuals at the same time.  It's not just a thing were while you are a missionary you don't do these things because you aren't supposed to and then when you go home we all go back to the world being unchanged.   Its the old saying, "the mission will change you if you let it do so".  He talked about the practices, qualities, and traits that we practice and become masters that will help us become better people and Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Husbands, and Wifes.

Another really big topic he focused on was the practice of being one by working with your companion to become closer to God.  He related it to when we become married, with our spouses as we work with each other to come closer to the Lord, we will become "As one".  Not just husband and wife but with Heavenly Father as well.  The man is a flipping genius.

I wish I recorded the presentation haah.  A long story short, he applied all the rules and guidelines of missionary life and work to prepping us to become better people in the future.  All in turn coming closer to God as we do it all.

I dont have any more time to write cause we are in the middle of a shopping mall and people want our seats.  haha Love you all and have a good week!!!愛してます頑張ってください




Elders Mcnaab and Halverson

 Met up with the MTC crew at conference
Elder Mcnaab and Halverson will stay together thru another transfer
Nothing big happening for them on Thanksgiving.  Just another day in Japan.
Foot is good

Biking is tiring but good also

Teaching a lot of less actives

People stare all the time and this time I was on a split with Elder Larsen and we walked into McDonald's and all these high school girls were looking at the two of us and I yelled HELLO and they all starts to freak out and blush hahaha

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