Monday, November 16, 2015

November 15, 2015

This week has been a really crazy one.   First off I'll tell you about what my comp and I had to do yesterday.  We had to teach the primary class in church.  Idk how people handle that, but seriously those kids are nuts haha.  Well as soon as I stood up in the front of the room, all the kids in the class started to scream OKII or DEKAI  おきい でかい which means GIANT and HUGE,  at the top of their lungs. haha.  One thing about teaching primary, it's a lot of visual aids and stories and writing english on the board and then having all the kids say it in Japanese and English.  Another funny thing was that when I wrote the kanji for "I" and "God"  on the board all the kids said 漢字をかけるよ!!basically they were incredibly surprised that I knew kanji and blurted it out.  But the best part of it all was when we started to teach about the Savior, all the kids were quiet.  It was like we had calmed the storm and they were listening without breathing.

The other day my comp and I had planned to visit a less active member and recently we hadn't had much luck at all visiting him or any less active for that matter.  Also to add to the misfortune it was a complete down pour and we can't ride our bikes when it's raining.  We had to walk 5 miles in one direction in the rain.  I got lost on our way over there also so we decided to say a quick prayer for guidance.  We finished and headed down this road and wound up in front of his apartment building.  We go up and knock on his door and have to wait a little bit for him to answer but he finally answers and he had just woken up from a nap and we had a little door step lesson about family and I was able to explain the scripture in Japanese without stumbling over any of the words.  It really made the walk over worth it and I realized all God wants you to do is just try, just try your hardest.

They also had the primary program yesterday and it was the funniest thing and coolest thing.  I was really cool to see all the kids up there trying their hardest to testify while being really embarrassed or laughing so hard.   As usual there were the kids who went up to the mic grabbed it and shouted.  "I KNOW JESUS LOVES ME"  and "JOSEPH SMITH IS MY FAVORITE PROPHET".  It's a worldwide church, right!

I got to go Furukawa on splits this last week.  A whole lot of nothing happened there, we just fixed an elder's bike.  Also actually something was very cool that happened, we had a goal of handing out a Book of Mormon while we were there.  The Elder I was on spilts with decided to go to this shopping mall type place and it was totally deserted except for the arcade room where they were 3 kids playing mario kart.  I was nervous as can be and started to talk about the Book of Mormon to the kids and asked one if he was excited for Christmas and he said he was.  I explained that Jesus and Christmas were the same thing and I told him if he read this book he would be able to learn more about Jesus and Christmas as well.   He asked if it would be all right if he receive a book and his Japanese went right over my head but my comp said "He wants one, you can give it to him"  Oh, ok yea, here you go and I put it in his hand and his friend said that if we were giving them out, he wanted to have one to read.

I got to eat Indo Curry that was really good.  Yea that is it!  Sorry I forgot my journal so I can't really remember everything right now but I love you all.  Have a good week!!

Elder Halverson



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